Hello and welcome to "Law Corner with JC". Although some of you may already know and follow me, I would like to introduce myself to those who don't know me. My name is Joseph “Joey” Chitmongran. I am an entrepreneur, businessman, and CA state licensed attorney eligible to practice law in California and federal law in all 50 states across the country. Starting next week, join me in my weekly article as I cover different aspects of the law. I will be covering everything from Federal Immigration law, to Business practices, to Commercial and Real Estate Law and so forth. In publishing these articles, my goal is to educate and inform my readers of any laws that directly or indirectly affected the Thai community, to separate fact from fiction, clarify rumors within the community, and to present the law in terms that are easier to understand. This weekly column is for you, the reader; as such, if you have any general questions either before or after you read one of my articles, you can email me at: JC4LAW@HOTMAIL.COM and I will try to cover that question in a future article. In addition, because I and Thai LA Newspaper are making an effort to help as many people as possible, I will do my best to present these articles in both Thai and English. Please take note that my articles will be general and meant to apply to the typical case. Since every case is different, should you have a specific question regarding your case, you should contact me or any other reputable licensed attorney for a full consultation so that I or they may best assist you in your specific matter.

Q: Who are you? Can you give the readers some information about yourself and who you are?

A: Like I mentioned, my name is Joseph “Joey” Chitmongran. I am an attorney and entrepreneur. I am the first generation Thai-American in my family. I’m the youngest of 3. My parents and 2 sisters were born in Bangkok, Thailand. Although I was born here in the United States, my grandmother says I’m an old soul because of my Thai values of family and country, and how I respect and value my elders. My main goal in becoming a lawyer is to help others.

Q: If you weren't an attorney, what would you be doing?

A: Growing up, I had a lot of different dreams. I have accomplished some of them, but I still have several more to go. But if I was not practicing law as an attorney, I would probably be a medical doctor. I initially started my studies at the University of California, Irvine geared towards medicine. During my off season, I worked at Kaiser Permanente. I gained experience and learned a lot. I wanted to be the best doctor ever. I eventually gave that up and dedicated my time to law, which was my other love. And of course, my other interests include real estate and business. I can see myself expanding in these areas. Hopefully I can do that and continue to further help others.

Q: What kind of law do you practice? What are your interests?

A: I am a general practitioner so I take on all different types of cases, anywhere from business consulting to immigration work. I’ve done it all. Right now, my interest are mostly immigration, property and business.

Q: You mentioned that one of your interests is Immigration law. Why so?

A: Immigration has always been an interest of mine because it hits close to home, and I find satisfaction in helping people. As I mentioned, my family is from Thailand. If it were not for someone helping my parents immigrate to the United States, I would not be where I am today. In addition, I do immigration work because of the satisfaction I feel when I am able to help someone, especially my fellow Thai people. It is a rewarding experience to know that it is not only the beginning of my client's future here in America but also their family and loved ones. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels when, after a case is done, a client calls or visits me to thank me for helping them. My record isn’t perfect, but that is because I take on cases that are not "slam dunks" like other attorneys do, and often do take “fixers”. What that means is that there are cases that come to me after there has been a problem or in cases of immigration, have already been denied. Some of these are from other attorneys, many are from ta-nats. Where others don't take the case because they only want “slam dunks”, I’m not afraid to fight a good fight for the right cause for a deserving client.

So there you have it: A little glimpse into who I am and my goals for "Law Corner With JC". Thank you for reading this week's introduction. Stay tuned for future informative articles on the law.

If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact my office at (818) 846-5639, or my Thai direct line at (818) 505-4921. If you have any questions that you would like to be answered in future articles, or would like to share your opinions or comments, please email me at: JC4LAW@HOTMAIL.COM. Also be sure to check us out on the web at: WWW.JC4LAW.COM, and now on FACEBOOK at: Be sure to follow (and "like") me for the most recent updates in the law!

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