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In this week's article I will be covering the requirements of obtaining a CA driver's license, as well as answering an email question that I received from a reader.

Q: “Khun Joey, I live in another state but will be coming to California soon. Do I need to get a California driver’s license in order to drive over there? Thank you! ” (Khun “Hutgi"; Area Unknown).

A: Hello Khun “Hutgi”. Because driving a motor vehicle is considered a privileged and not a right, in general, the rules and requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another. If you are just merely visiting or traveling through the State of California, you do not need to get a California issued driver’s license. You can temporarily drive in California using your state-issued driver's license. If, however, you intend to live here and call California your state of residence, then yes, you will need to get a California state-issued driver’s license. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you are required to do this within 10 days of moving here. Some other states allow you a longer time to do this, but California only gives you 10 days.


For those of you who already have a driver’s license issued from another state and wish to obtain a California-issued driver’s license because you intend to permently reside here, you will need to do the following within 10 days:

1. Schedule An Appointment – Contact the CA Department of Motor Vehicle and schedule an appointment. Inform them that you have a driver’s license from _________ (fill in the blank with the state that you have license from), and that you intend to live here in the state of Calfornia and that you want to be a registered driver here. Most likely you will need to fill out Form DL44C or DL44, but the clerks at DMV will go through which applies to you. Please check with them regarding the exact requirements.

2. Eye Examination – On the day of your schedule, you will go in and take an eye examination.

3. Written Test – You will be given a written test in which you must select the correct answer.

4. Driving Test - You will have to take a driver's test if you are applying you've never had a driver's license and applying for a new one. Note: The California DMV will most likely waive your driving exam if you already hold a license UNLESS your license is from another country.

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