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Immigration Fees are Increasing Next Month!!!

Many of you who follow me on Facebook already know this, but for those that don't know, Immigration intends to increase their fees. Starting October 2nd, USCIS application and petition fees will be increasing, in some instances, up by 28% higher! In addition, there will be other changes, including but not limited to, rules on who may or may not request fee waivers and also no more discounted prices for derivative children applying with their parents. After October 2, 2020, children will be required to pay the same amount as adults!

Here are just some examples of the more notable fee increases occurring next month:

Family-based Adjustment of Status

(Nonimmigrant visa holders who wish to apply for Permanent Residency aka "Green Cards")

• Current Fee = $1,760.00 (with Work permit and Advance Parole for Travel)

• After Oct 2 = $2,860.00 (Note: After October 2, children who are "derivatives" - meaning they are applying along with their parents - must now pay the same price!)

Citizenship / Naturalization

Current Fee = $640.00

After Oct 2 = $1,170.00 (That is an 83% increase!!!!!!!)

Removal of Conditions on 2 Year Green Cards (for 10 Year GC)

Current Fee = $595.00

After Oct 2 = $760.00 (Increased by 28%!)

These are just an example of price increases by USCIS.

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